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My interest and involvement in photography goes way back.

I was less than a teenager when I received my first Brownie, the Baby Brownie Special, a little black box with one button. It was the original point and shoot. My interest developed through high school and beyond, learning darkroom techniques and generally enjoying all of the process.

The image I have chosen is one I took while in high school probably in 1958, at least 60 years ago, but it still has relevance for me today on a number of levels. The figure in the image is my chemistry/physics teacher who also served as my early mentor in the photographic realm. This image  represents to me, the dilemmas we face in life as we reach various turning points, evaluate the options before us and make choices.

Through the years, I upgraded my camera equipment, settling on a fully manual Nikon FTN for many years. I moved to my first digital camera, a Nikon D80 and later upgraded to my current D700. I also use a Lumix G7 when I need a lighter carry.  I work with the 28-300 zoom and the 105 micro. The older legacy lenses are fun to work with as well.

The subjects I enjoy most involve patterns, textures and the wry sense of humor that Mother Nature often displays when we least expect it. Large landscapes are always awesome displays of nature and smaller macros emphasize the marvel of creation.

Since moving to western North Carolina we are in an area rich in photographic opportunities. It rekindled my interest and active pursuit of the art, as well as brought us new friends, acquaintances, opportunities and adventures.

My favorite Camille Pissarro quote is:

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things

in humble places

where other people see nothing."

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